Fab Shop Safety: Material Handling

Material Handling Equipment—Easier, not Necessarily Safer When a production shop gets advanced enough to automate the loading and unloading of parts and other material handling functions, a big load is taken off of the workers. While material handling machines may make work easier and faster, they don’t necessarily make it safer. In fact, knowing that […]


The Marvel of Metal-Cutting Shears

Early History of Cutting Metal Prehistoric humans learned how to make and use tools, first of stone, wood and bone, but later of metal. Gold, copper and silver were some of the original metals worked with, as they are considered “Native Metals,” or metals that don’t have to be first extracted from other metals or […]


Fab Shop Safety: Protect Your Eyes

The Most Important Asset If you asked a fabricator to name the most important body parts required for their job, they likely would answer “hands.” After all, it’s difficult to use metalworking tools if you can’t hold or manipulate them. In a CNC world, however, more and more accommodations are becoming available for workers with […]