Revolution Machine Tools (RMT) has partnered with DropsA USA, providing a revolutionary Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) solution

When it comes to providing the simplest most affordable and efficient lubrication systems, no one does it like DropsA USA. Since 1946, their company has been pioneering the way in new lubrication technologies and innovations across every industry. This knowledge has provided their customers with industrial lubrication products that maximize machinery’s potential while increasing the lifespan of tools, bearings, and many other industrial applications.

DropsA USA Team                                      RMT Bandsaw with DropsA USA


A hybrid air/oil system, like the one developed by DropsA, is comprised of a continuously flowing stream of air that cools lubrication points while also conveying small droplets of oil that are injected into it at regular intervals. The oil coats the surfaces at each lubrication point to reduce friction and wear. High-speed components such as bandsaw blades require specialized lubrication solutions like an air/oil system which can deliver precise amounts of the air/oil mixture where needed.

The low-cost air/oil system from DropsA offers several advantages over traditional lubrication methods, including:

  • An incredibly compact design
  • A modular system for easy maintenance and customization
  • A simple interfaceDropsA MQL System
  • Fully integrated monitoring
  • Integrated or remote-cycle control
  • The ability to accommodate higher speeds
  • The ability to keep bearings cooler
  • A volumetric approach that assures the exact amount of lubrication reaches each point
  • A dramatic decrease in the amount of lubricant necessary for optimal efficiency
  • A continuous investment by the company in research and development
  • Virtually NO mess or cleanup required on your cut parts
  • No drips or slips around your shop floor
  • Much longer blade life, especially for Carbide as regular coolant causes thermal cracking

So when you are in the market for your next bandsaw, cold saw, hydraulic press, TGB (Threading, Grooving, Beveling machine), please call Revolution Machine Tools for a competitive quote and be sure to ask about the DropsA lubrication system. Your RMT representative will be happy to show you how the DropsA system will improve your machine tool experience and help you have a more productive, clean, and profitable operation.



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