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Revolution Machine Tools (RMT), founded by longtime industry leader Kyle Jorgenson, is a metal fabrication machine tools company. RMT’s design team has created the most precise tools in the North American market today. We have partnered with leading manufacturers to build our designs to our stringent specifications in state of the art manufacturing facilities. Kyle Jorgenson started in the Machine Tool industry working with his father, Roger Jorgenson, who founded Jorgenson Machine Tools in 1974. Roger taught Kyle how important relationships and customer service are and Kyle has built his reputation on those principles. RMT is supported by an ever-expanding team of industry professionals, which include design, marketing, service and support, who have these same values and respect Kyle’s vision. Together, they are creating a Revolution in the Machine Tool industry.

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Aircraft Rolls
Angle Rolls
Chassis Beam Welding System
Cold Saws
Horizontal Press
Hydraulic Press
Laser - Fiber - Sheet
Laser - Fiber - Tube + Shapes
Pipe Facing, Beveling & Threading
Pipe Rotators
Pipe Solutions
Plate Beveling
Plate Roll
Press Brakes
Tube Notcher - Belt Sander



At Revolution Machine Tools, it is our passion to help others succeed. We believe that manufacturing is the backbone of our economy and that by providing the best solutions to make our customers successful is how we measure our own success.


In the words of the late (and fictional) Big Tom Callahan, "A Guarantee is only as good as the man who backs it up." We stand behind our machines and our customers are like partners. We work with you to make sure your machines run efficiently.


Our R&D team has designed some of the most innovative, strong, and precise machines on the market. Only quality materials are used to build our machines, and when you use the best materials and combine that with the best technology, you get the best machines.

Satisfied customers

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I've never seen such speed or accuracy. This machine is, hands down, the best machine I have ever used!

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FIBER NATION: Laser cutting

I love this new laser!

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We are very happy with our RMT Press Brake. The service has been excellent! We believe that it is an excellent product. We are very happy with the workmanship. The level of commitment it took to build the machine of this stature and we are very happy with the RMT staff has taken care of us from concept to machine landing on our floor and getting set up and rolling.

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Pro Fab of Pleasant Grove: RMT S-SMART CM 21-26 IS AMAZING!

Runs better than any saw I’ve ever had. This saw kicks butt. I really wish I had a couple of them.

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This machine kicks our robots’ ass!

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Specialty Metal Fabricators

...the crew was very hospitable, and knowledgeable, and their machines speak for themselves! Note: don’t go look if you are not ready to buy, because, once you see them run its over! The support we have gotten from RMT is second to none, quick response, and answers, there lead tech guy is so good, I flew him in to fix a press, that no one else could fix, and it was up running that day! I am a huge fan of RMT, and can’t say enough kind words, about them, and their product!

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Understanding Grades of Steel

July 4, 2022

Not a Passing Grade “What’s this?” the boss asked, indicating the pallet of sheet metal freshly delivered to the shop....

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What Is the Difference Between Metal Fabrication and Welding?

June 27, 2022

Apples and Oranges John is shopping for a metal planter box with exact specifications. Not being able to find one...

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Fiber Laser vs. CO2 Laser—Which Is Better?

June 20, 2022

Size Matters When it comes to metal cutting lasers, the biggest difference between the various types is the wavelength of...

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