October 23, 2020

I am an owner of a stainless-steel fabrication shop, in Portland OR. and we had always out sourced our laser parts being cut, until we were ready to purchase our own machine, That time came in late 2015, and is what I found, is there are a lot of lasers to choose from, so choose carefully, and is what I found out, is the most expensive, does not mean the best! We were introduced to RMT, by a vender, so I started to see what they had to offer, some of the things, that kept me looking, was off the shelf parts, and warranty, they offered a great warranty. On the resonator. and I was not going to pay 5xs as much for proprietary owned parts, so this caught my attention, Once I started getting closer to my decision, we flew to Salt Lake, to go see their machines that where installed, the crew was very hospitable, and knowledgeable, and there machines spoke for themselves! Note: don’t go look if you are not ready to buy, because, once you see them run its over! We went to 3 shops, they left me alone with the operators and owners, with no interference, and they all gave amazing reviews! So here I am a year plus later, writing a review, for a machine that sells itself! The support we have gotten from RMT is second to none, quick response, and answers, there lead tech guy is so good, I flew him in to fix a press, that no one else could fix, and it was up running that day! I am a huge fan of RMT, and can’t say enough kind words, about them, and their product! Kyle and his team have done everything he said he would, and so has the fiber laser! Respectfully Doug Metz Specialty Metal Fabricators.



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