October 23, 2020

When you have a complex job, you need smart machine to make it simple. These guys needed a machine that could produce a part over and over again with supreme repeatability, and they got it with the RMT R-Smart plate roll.

Robbins Mfg. came to us explaining they had a large order that with their current bending process (bump bending with press brakes) was taking way too long and that they would not meet the production deadline. We sent out our R&D Manager, Atakan, out to their facility to consult with them about what they really needed to do. He not only recommended the right machine for them, but personally assisted in it’s production including pre-programming the perfect rolling paramaters into the control so Robbins could begin bending parts for their large order immediately. It worked so well, Jim, the shop manager said, “this machine kicks our robots’ ass”!

This is the personal kind of touch we take pride in at RMT. We don’t just want to sell you a machine, we want to provide a solution and see it through to the end. We are looking for partners, not just customers. We are happy to add Robbins Mfg. to that list and hope this great relationship lasts a very long time.



At Revolution Machine Tools, it is our passion to help others succeed. We believe that manufacturing is the backbone of our economy and that by providing the best solutions to make our customers successful is how we measure our own success.


In the words of the late (and fictional) Big Tom Callahan, "A Guarantee is only as good as the man who backs it up." We stand behind our machines and our customers are like partners. We work with you to make sure your machines run efficiently.


Our R&D team has designed some of the most innovative, strong, and precise machines on the market. Only quality materials are used to build our machines, and when you use the best materials and combine that with the best technology, you get the best machines.