F-SMART™ Series

3 Roll Plate Roll. Numeric controlled variable geometry servo driven three rolls fuselage panels and wing edge bending machine



Aircraft and Aerospace projects require superb precision and repeatability and the RMT™ F-SMART™ series can make it easy to reliably form part after part that you can count on.



– Superior spring-back control on thin, high yield materials, by using precise roll positioning and narrow roll geometry. This allows for almost flawless repeatability on even hard to form pieces.

– Gearbox disc braking system allows for perfect press bending without allowing the material to slide.

– Excessive upper beam daylight lets you easily remove parts.

– Portable NC control unit moves with you so you can monitor the forming process anywhere in the work area.

– Independent tiltable in-feed and out-feed tables provide support to protect your forming radius


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