B-SNIPER 01 Green Bending Line Laser


Laser tracker and B-Sniper 01 draw a visible laser beam on the sheet metal to simulate the bending line.

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You are in the business of metal bending and you want to reach the optimum efficiency so that you're hitting your production numbers. You know very well that the mistakes your press brake operator makes can cost you a lot of money in wasted materials and lost time in production. Thanks to the new B-Sniper 01 Laser System and the recent advancements in the high-intensity green laser technologies, now operators can easily see the green lines on materials and maximize the accuracy of bends.

Additional information

Weight 13 lbs

Wavelength: 532nm
Output power: <5mW
Output method: Continuous
Input voltage: 3.7 V DC
Working current: <300mA (<600mA for 50mW device)
Working temperature: 68° – 86°
Beam: line (90° Opening)
Divergence: 1.4mrad
Average lifetime: >4000 Hours
Casing material: Brass
Length: 1.22″
Diameter: 0.47″



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