RMT S-FAB C 40-40 All-Purpose, Qsaw 601 High Production, M-42 Bi-Metal Bandsaw Blades

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RMT S-FAB C 40-40 all-purpose, Qsaw 601 high production, M-42 bi-metal bandsaw blades are available in 2-3 TPI, 3-4 TPI, and 4-6 TPI. They are designed to be an “Go To” blade for cutting steel The 601 was designed to cover a wide range of cutting applications and to provide maximum efficiency in sawing wear-resistant tool steels. The blade’s tough M-42 cobalt edge resists heat and abrasion, while the varied pitch tooth form expands the ranges of sizes and shapes that can be sawed successfully without changing blades.Features:5-7 degree positive rake angleHardness of HRC 68-69M-42 cobalt high speed steel edgeGround tooth form.Advantages:Better tooth penetrationHigh heat resistanceHigh wear resistanceBenefits:Fast Cutting RatesHigh production on a wide selection of materialLong life on moderate to difficult to cut materialsLow cost per cut

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