Benefits of a 3-Roll Plate Roll

The Value Roll for Fabricators A standard fixture in most fabrication shops is either a sheet metal roll or a plate roll, both of which are used to bend a flat piece of metal into a cylinder, cone or other curving shape. While traditionally such machines have functioned with three bending rolls that secure and […]


What Is Plate Roll Crowning?

Deflection Defined To comprehend the process of “crowning” in metal fabrication, one must first understand the concept of “deflection.” Deflection is an engineering term used to describe the amount of deformation or displacement that occurs in a structural element when it is put under a load. A simple illustration would be to picture a man […]


Points for Purchasing the Perfect Plate Roll

As you contemplate purchasing a sheet metal or plate metal rolling machine, there are some key points to consider, regardless of whether you are buying your first or fifteenth roll. Hire Skilled Operators First and foremost, hire (or train) professional operators who have a deep understanding of plate rolling processes and equipment. You can buy […]