• H-FAB H Hydraulic Press H Frame Press
  • H-FAB H H Frame Hydraulic Press Between Frames Pass Through
  • H-FAB H H Frame Hydraulic Press Hardened Ram Nose
  • H-FAB H Hydraulic Press H Press Integrated Lifting Eye
  • H-FAB H H Frame Hydraulic Press Hydraulic System
  • H Frame Hydraulic Press
  • H-FAB H Hydraulic Press V Blocks
  • H Press
  • H Press
  • H Press
  • H Press Pressure Adjustment
  • H Press Hydraulic Press Palm Buttons
  • H Press Optional Platen

H-FAB H Series

  • Workshop Type Presses
  • Produced Up to 1100 Tons Capacity
  • Used Mostly in Repair and Maintenance Workshops for Small Bending, Punching, Straightening, and Extracting/Removing


RMT H-FAB H presses come in standard sizes and can be customized and produced according to customer purpose. These are workshop-type presses and can be manufactured up to 1100 Tons in automatic and manual as optional. They are used mostly in repair and maintenance workshops for the small bending, punching, straightening, extracting/removing.


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