• Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Galvanized Steel – 4 mm (0.160”)
  • Aluminum 3 & 5 Series – 4 mm (0.160”)
  • Wobble Welding – Up to 5 mm width (0.197″)
  • Cleaning Scan Width – Pre- & Post-weld up to 15 mm (0.591″)
  • High Frequency Peak Power for Cleaning – 2500 W
  • Wire Welding Capability – Yes


RMT has partnered with IPG Photonics to offer you an outstanding selection of LightWeld Handheld Laser Welding and Cleaning System for your needs. LightWELD handheld laser welding and cleaning systems are fast, easy to learn and operate, and produce high quality, consistent results across a wide range of materials and thicknesses. Pre-weld and post-weld laser cleaning functionality optimizes weld quality while increasing productivity. Each LightWELD system is designed for high quality, speed, ease of use, and repeatability.


LightWELD XC provides additional functionality of pre- and post-weld cleaning with the same high-quality welding capabilities of the LightWELD 1500 system.


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