Pipe Spool Master™ 16 *Manual Machine*

  • Machine Capacity OD (With Standard Vice) 3″ – 16″
  • Wall Thickness Capacity .600″ (One Setup)
  • Spindle RPMs Max 200 RPM
  • X Axis Stroke Manually Adjust Across Facing Head
  • Z Axis Stroke 6″


The PIPE SPOOL MASTER™ 16 is a stout and flexible pipe beveling machine. Designed to put V bevels on pipe 3”-16” OD in various angles, such as your basic 30 and 37.5 degree. Super efficient and easy to setup and use, the PIPE SPOOL MASTER™ 16 will save your shop hours of beveling time. It’s a necessity for shop working with mid-size pipe.


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