S-FAB CM 21-29

S-FAB CM 21-29 Semi-Automatic Column Type Single Miter Bandsaw with Standard Options

  • 21″ x 29″ Flat Capacity
  • Ø21″ Round Capacity


The Revolution Machine Tools S-FAB CM 21-29 Semi-Automatic Column Type Single Miter Bandsaws are ideal model for angled cutting of materials with variable cuts. The cutting capacity of this machine is 21” x 29” in 90° flat cuttings and Ø21” in round material. It is possible to make angled cuts between 90° and +30° by angling the upper body of our machines. In our machines, the cutting control is done hydraulically and after the cutting is finished, it automatically rises to the material height. The material height can be adjusted and monitored on the control panel with the help of the height sensor on the saw. Our machine enables the cutting time to be reduced by approaching the adjusted height level with a fast descent system. The cutting angle is fixed by the hydraulic brake system. The angle can be adjusted and monitored on the upper body.


The S-FAB CM 21-29 Bandsaw comes standard equipped with a control panel, blade brush, hydraulic vise, security switch, Siti heavy duty gearbox, infinite variable speed inverter, sensitive pressure control, hydromechanical blade tension, digital angle display, optical saw height adjustment, linear guide rails, coolant pump, 4ft roller table, digital angle readout, and 230V or 440V 3 phase power.


Buyers have the option to add any of these additional features to their S-FAB CM 21-29 Bandsaw as well: Hydraulic blade tension, hydraulic top clamping, Dropsa air/oil clean lubrication system, micromist cooling, 10ft roller table with the option to make the table motorized, and laser line.


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