RMT—RMT S-SMART CM 21-26 is amazing!



finn-koll's forming is bigger and better than ever

Finn-Kool is a family owned machine and fabrication company based out of a small town in Kansas. The family has been in the machining and fabrication business ever since John C. Finney came home from WWII and worked as a machinist for Boeing. John taught the trade to his two sons, Dwight and Mike. They ran a repair business for a while, but eventually they parted ways and Dwight went on to fulfill his dream of creating a true machine shop. Dwight and his son, John, now run the company and have really taken the business to the next level.

When the time came for them to look into a new press brake to handle some larger and more technical jobs, they spoke with many companies who were more than willing to sell them a machine. Kind of on a whim, they also called RMT, not having ever heard of us or knowing anything about us. After being introduced to them, we immediately invited them out to meet with us and see our products first hand. We believe in understanding our customer’s needs and getting to know them personally, and also wanted them to get to know us.

They met with other companies and were given several quotes on good machines. But in the end, we got the call and they told us it was WHO we are that convinced them. There are a lot of good machines out there, but fewer quality relationships. We built and delivered the machine and they have been very happy. Take a look at their testimonial video by clicking here. (insert hyperlink to video)