• S GENIUS CS 16 16 11 e1632256654617
  • S-GENIUS 16-16
  • S GENIUS CS 16 16 15
  • S GENIUS CS 16 16 17
  • S GENIUS CS 16 16 13 scaled
  • Heavy Duty Vice System show with optional Bundle Cutting attachment copy scaled
  • Heavy Duty copy scaled
  • Standard Dual Blade Brushes copy scaled
  • S GENIUS CS 16 16 with Eddie
  • S-GENIUS CS 16-16 Optional 10 ft Roller Table
  • Standard Power Blade Brush copy scaled
  • World Class Electrical Components copy scaled
  • Chip Conveyor for S-GENIUS CS 16-16
  • S GENIUS CS 16 16 Chip Conveyor and Brush copy
  • S Genuis CS 16 16 Control Panel copy scaled


S-GENIUS Fully Automatic Servo Column Type Straight Cutting 16-16 Bandsaw with Standards Options. Our inventory changes daily! Call us for current pricing and options! 844-768-4636




The fully automatic machine S-GENIUS CS 16-16 is optimized to work with carbide and bimetallic blades and can be applied in areas such as steel trade, steel production, forging mills, machine manufacturing and automotive industry.



– Smart cut and user friendly touch screen with Omron CNC cutting program

– Ability to save up to 50 different cutting length steps in 100 different programs

– Cutting parameters are CNC controlled for an optimal processing of workpiece

– Manual cutting parameters input

– Servo feeding with 27″ stroke

– Guide arm travels on linear guide way and moves in coordination with the moveable vice jaw

– Hydraulic actuated carbide blade guides

– Idle Wheel motion detector and automatic deflection sensor

– Vibration free cutting with 3 linear way

– Motorized swarf brush

– Planetary Gearbox



– Hydraulic top clamping

– Microspray cooling system

– Hexagonal vices for bundle tube cutting

– 20 HP motor

RMT S-GENIUS CS 16-16-Five Page Brochure WEB-5

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