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Pipe Spool Master 80 – 200 Inch

  • CNC KD Control Standard
  • CNC Beveling, CNC Boring, CNC Facing (Threading with Upgrade to Fanuc or Siemens CNC Control)
  • Machine Capacity OD
  • Wall Thickness Capacity 4″ (One Setup)
  • Spindle RPMs Max 60 RPM
  • X Axis Stroke 5″
  • Z Axis Stroke 7″ (Optional: Up to 24″)


The PIPE SPOOL MASTER 80 gives you a GIANT leg up on your competition in the pipe fabrication industry. The ability to process complex pipe bevels on 32”-80” material in minutes allows you flexibility to chase a variety of niche markets and customers. Your J, U & V bevels, including C-dimension and radiused bevels, are now easily programmed and processed in minutes rather than hours. With the upgraded controller you can even thread your pipe or tubes. You will notice HUGE time savings in material preparation and assembly with the added assurance of consistent fabrication.

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