Advantages of RMT Customer Service Featured

Where Customers Are Partners

“They’re a good partner if you’re going to get into the business…. [With other companies], you’re just a number to them, where with RMT, [when] you’re a customer, you’re a partner.” – Kalco Laser

When Revolution Machine Tools was started by Kyle Jorgenson several years ago, he was determined to carry on a tradition he learned from a very young age watching his father run a metalworking machinery sales company. Roger Jorgenson taught Kyle through both word and deed that the most important thing a salesman—or a company—could do was to take exceptional care of every single customer. “At Revolution Machine Tools, it is our passion to help others succeed,” Kyle said. “We believe that manufacturing is the backbone of our economy and that by providing the best solutions to make our customers successful is how we measure our own success.”

Providing quality customer service means more than a cheerful voice answering the phone when customers call. A company that offers truly great customer service will resonate that characteristic throughout their organization on every level, and ensure they go above and beyond in fulfilling the expectations of the customers who rely on them. Revolution Machine Tools has earned such a reputation in the industry and continues to exemplify it every day with every customer.

Great Customer Service Means Committed Salespeople

“We’re very happy with the way RMT’s staff has taken care of us from concept to the machine landing on our floor and getting us set up and rolling.” – Finn-Kool

Revolution Machine Tool’s friendly and knowledgeable sales staff are more than cashiers that ring up orders, nor are they the machine tool equivalent of used car salesmen looking to make a quick buck at the expense of a customer they won’t ever see again. They are well-trained machinery consultants dedicated to making sure each customer receives the very best recommendations for their unique fabricating situation. From budget requirements to shop workflow to future growth expectations, RMT’s salespeople evaluate all aspects of a client’s circumstances to guarantee the very best metalworking solutions to keep their business productive.

As Kyle Jorgenson has stated, “RMT’s commitment to service begins with our site assessment consultation. Before we even discuss purchasing equipment, we make an assessment of your production area to determine whether the equipment will work well in your manufacturing environment. We look at where the equipment will be placed on the production floor, how it will be brought into the facility, and even ways to make the disposal of scrap and waste easier to remove. We will also recommend the proper installation of our equipment, or we can even come install it for you. More importantly, we can verify adequate electrical, pneumatic, or hydraulic requirements and we look at the surrounding equipment to assess if there are any electro-magnetic or vibration interference issues.”

Great Customer Service Means Being Frank with Customers

“When we first met with RMT we asked them for a quote for a much smaller brake and shear. All other companies just gave us a quote for what we asked for—RMT came out and asked a lot of questions and convinced us we needed larger machines…. We’re very glad we went with larger machines—they pay for themselves.” – SME Steel

The sales team at Revolution Machine Tools aren’t a fleet of yes-men out to tell customers what they want to hear. They are industry professionals who aren’t afraid of being brutally honest, when necessary, to help business owners understand what they realistically require for their current and future operations to be successful.

Great Customer Service Means Installation and Training

“The service from start to finish was amazing…. From sales to final installation and training, we were super happy with what we got.” – D & D Welding

There are many mail-order machinery dealers—some literally working out of their mothers’ basements—who will process an order and leave it up to the customer to work out rigging and installation. Stories abound in the industry of delivered press brakes, fiber lasers, and other machines that have no way to be put into service since adequate power hasn’t been run or other serious factors considered. Revolution Machine Tools stands beside their customers each step of the way until machines are fully functional and operators are proficient in running them.

Great Customer Service Means Staying in Touch

“[RMT has] great customer service. [They] stop in our shop a couple, three times a year and see if we need anything and how we’re doing… we’re really grateful for these guys that care, come in. It’s hard to get a lot of that kind of service now in the United States.” – Excel Steel Fab

Because customers of Revolution Machine Tools are considered partners, RMT sales and service reps stay in contact with every machine purchaser to make sure their continuing needs for parts, service, upgrades, and expansion are being met.

Great Customer Service Means Dedicated Machinery Service

“The support we have gotten from RMT is second to none—quick response and answers. Their lead tech guy is so good, I flew him in to fix a press, that no one else could fix, and it was up running that day!” – Specialty Metal Fabricators

The team at Revolution Machine Tools understood from the start that true customer service was more than having smiling salespeople—they also needed to offer top-of-the-line service for all the machines they sold. That’s why they established their own in-house service department with factory-trained technicians capable of expertly diagnosing, repairing, and maintaining the metalworking equipment that they supply to their customers. As they’ve said, “Our goal at RMT is to ensure our customers experience smooth operations and greater return on investment by having their machines repaired and maintained by qualified personnel who are committed to the customer’s success.”

Great Customer Service Means Remote Support

“They are always on the phone with me when I needed help. If I missed the phone call, they’d always call me immediately… we’d get all my questions answered.” – CBI Offroad Fab

Revolution Machine Tools knows that not all service issues happen during the dayshift on weekdays, nor can most metalworkers wait a few days to get help. That’s why RMT has on-call service technicians who are available to discuss and troubleshoot issues 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. The on-call techs monitor phone, email, and online chats through the RMT website, and if a solution can’t be reached remotely, they will schedule an in-person service visit to the customer’s location. RMT is committed to minimizing customers’ downtime so operations can be kept running smoothly.

Great Customer Service Means Going Beyond Simple Repairs

The service team at Revolution Machine Tools love to fix machines, but they love it more if they can help prevent costly repairs. That’s why RMT offers a preventative maintenance program that can be purchased with any machine—or added at any time in the future—to mitigate or eliminate problems before they arise. A service technician will evaluate each machine and will recommend a customized maintenance plan, tailoring it to meet the expectations of the business owner. Each plan includes general maintenance, safety evaluations, suggested repairs, and part replacement, all designed to keep the machine performing at its most efficient level.

Revolution Machine Tools also knows that some machines simply can’t be fixed in the state they are in. So RMT decided to offer a retrofit program to assist customers who want to keep their old equipment functional. Here is one example: “We received an email asking some questions regarding a purchase on a new plate roll from a potential customer. In the email, he stated that his current plate roll was down and not able to complete any jobs on it. We started talking with him about what the issues are, deciding it would be best for us to fly out to Portland to see his machine in person.

“After inspection of the plate roll, it was determined it was beyond normal repairs. It needed a complete rebuild of the hydraulic system, valves, sensors, control panel and electrical. We came up with a plan to rebuild the guts of the machine off-site to save the customer freight cost.

“After building and testing the system we traveled back to Portland and started dismantling the plate roll. The first day was removing all the parts and cleaning the machine up. The next two days was a smooth install of the hydraulic system, tank, valves, control panel, sensors, electrical and hydraulic oil, then we proceeded to test the machine and started bending parts.”

Great Customer Service Means Available Parts and Tooling

“When we need to order parts, we go through RMT. They take care of us. I buy consumables from RMT on a regular basis. They’re good at what they do.” – Kalco Laser

Revolution Machine Tools understands that machines need readily accessible replacement parts, tooling, accessories, and consumables, so they established an in-house parts and tooling department the day they opened their doors for business. Along with stocking and being able to order any items needed for RMT-brand machines, the parts and tooling office can help customers track down supplies for other brands as well.

In addition, all RMT machines are built with world-class hydraulic and electrical components with recognizable names like Rexroth, Parker, Hoerbiger, Siemens, and Schneider. This allows machine users to easily replace parts on their own from local service centers without being beholden to RMT, unlike some companies that hold customers hostage in using proprietary parts only available from them. This has been a significant selling point for RMT machines, as noted by Doug Metz of Specialty Metal Fabricators: “We were introduced to RMT by a vender, so I started to see what they had to offer. Some of the things that kept me looking was off-the-shelf parts and warranty. They offered a great warranty on the resonator, and I was not going to pay five times as much for proprietary-owned parts, so this caught my attention.”

Great Customer Service Means Providing Additional Services

Because dealing with metalworking equipment means more than just buying, selling, and servicing them, Revolution Machine Tools can offer additional services to their customers by partnering with some of the best appraisers, liquidators, and other professionals in the industry. Some of these services include:

  • Machinery Appraisal and Valuation
  • Equipment Auctions
  • Shop Liquidations
  • Asset Recovery
  • Machinery Consignment
  • Equipment Trade-ins
  • Financing and Leasing

Great Customer Service Means Selling Quality Machinery

“We’re very pleased with the machine, we’re pleased with the equipment, we’re happy with the purchase. And we’ll be buying some more equipment from RMT in the future, because it’s helped us to be more competitive [in] pricing, it’s helped us to expand our business.” – Brazo Pipe and Steel

Revolution Machine Tools knew from the start that all the great customer service in the world couldn’t make up for a sub-standard product. They had their research and development team go to work designing some of the most innovative, reliable, and precise machines on the market today. RMT machines combine the best materials and components with cutting-edge technology, resulting in state-of-the-art performance.

For example, all RMT press brakes feature a solid mono-block frame produced from mill-certified, high-yield steel to provide accurate and reliable performance year after year. So confident is RMT in the construction of their brakes, they offer a 10-year frame warranty with their standard machines.

Another example are the rolls on their plate rolling machines. RMT plate rolls sport high tensile forged steel rolls that are machined by high precision CNC lathes. The working surfaces of the rolls are CNC induction hardened to HRC 54-58 to a depth of up to a quarter inch with hardness tests performed at varying points on the rolls.

Great Customer Service Means Offering Customized Machines

“Every machine we do is a custom machine. We tailor it to exactly what the customer needs.” – Kyle Jorgenson, President of RMT

While Revolution Machine Tools stocks machines in-house, most of what they sell are built at the factory to the customer’s specifications. Various options and accessories are available to be added to each piece of metal fabrication equipment, and machines ordered and constructed to custom sizes and capacities are a regular occurrence.

A long-time customer approached Kyle Jorgenson about the possibility of building a fiber laser to an unheard-of length. Wanting to take care of the man, who had been a customer of Kyle’s father, Kyle went to work with his team and designed and engineered a 60-foot dual table fiber laser—the largest fiber laser in use in North America today.

Great Customer Service Means Innovation

Some metal fabrication machine companies are content with offering a standard line of brakes, shears, saws, and rolls. Not so with Revolution Machine Tools, where they are always looking for ways to fill needs that arise in the market. For example, a customer who knew RMT sold plate lasers asked if they could get him a tube laser. Where other sellers might have politely declined, the team at RMT told him they could, starting a new line of RMT tube-cutting fiber lasers to take care of his and others’ needs.

Another request that frequently came up was from customers looking to find a Farnsworth aircraft roll, a machine from a now-defunct manufacturer that is popular with aircraft builders. Since original Farnsworth machines are rare and adequate knock-off machines are hard to find, RMT’s R&D team went to work and engineered RMT’s ABM series of motorized 3-roll wing edge bending machines to fit the bill.

Unique and custom equipment requests arrive at Revolution Machine Tools on a regular basis, especially from the aviation and aerospace industries, so RMT continues to design machines to meet these requirements. Some of the other specialized machines RMT has developed in recent years include:

  • Automatic tank bending roll
  • Fuel tanker bending roll
  • Isogrid and orthogrid forming machine
  • NC 3-roll bending machine for fuselage panels and wing edges
  • Rocket fuel tank bending roll
  • Thick-walled cylinder rolling machine
  • Two directional bending roll
  • Wind tower bending roll

Great Customer Service Means Choosing RMT

“Our experience has been great. Our production has quadrupled…. Best customer service ever.” – Ramsey & Son Inc.

Founder Kyle Jorgenson dedicated Revolution Machine Tools to providing outstanding customer service to every client before, during, and long after the sale is finalized. As Kyle has stated, “Here at Revolution Machine Tools, our goal is to be a partner with you for the rest of our life… Our customers are our friends. We’re here to help you, and to help you make informed decisions, the proper decisions on an investment in a machine tool, and that is what we strive for.”

Call Revolution Machine Tools today for a competitive quote on your next metalworking machine and learn for yourself what great customer service feels like.



At Revolution Machine Tools, it is our passion to help others succeed. We believe that manufacturing is the backbone of our economy and that by providing the best solutions to make our customers successful is how we measure our own success.


In the words of the late (and fictional) Big Tom Callahan, "A Guarantee is only as good as the man who backs it up." We stand behind our machines and our customers are like partners. We work with you to make sure your machines run efficiently.


Our R&D team has designed some of the most innovative, strong, and precise machines on the market. Only quality materials are used to build our machines, and when you use the best materials and combine that with the best technology, you get the best machines.

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