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While perhaps best known for their world-class press brakes and plate rolls, Revolution Machine Tools offers top-of-the line metal-cutting fiber lasers as well. RMT has more recently entered the tube cutting fiber laser market, but it is in the sheet metal/plate metal cutting arena where—excuse the pun—RMT’s fiber lasers really shine.

KYSON Fiber Laser Control
KYSON Fiber Laser Control

Size-wise, the RMT KYSON series lasers have capacities ranging from compact 4′ x 8′ cutting tables all the way to massive 10′ x 60′ ones (and even larger custom models can be ordered, up to 80′ in length). As far as wattage goes, all KYSON fiber lasers are offered with a respectable 2kW power source that can be expanded in most models up to a hefty 15 kW (and even a whopping 20 kW on some of the larger machines). For the thrifty shop, the smaller lasers can also be downgraded as low as 500 watts.

Two popular models designed and priced with first-time fiber laser shops in mind are the KYSON FALCON X 510 and the KYSON HG REBEL 510. These 5′ x 10′ capacity machines come standard with 2 kW IPG and are expandable to higher wattages.

New variations are always being introduced, but at the time of this writing the RMT KYSON flat cutting fiber laser lineup also includes the following models:

  • 4′ x 8′ KYSON 48 (up to 15 kW)
  • 5′ x 10′ KYSON 510 (up to 15 kW)
  • 5′ x 12′ KYSON 512 (up to 15 kW)
  • 6′ x 13′ KYSON 613 (up to 15 kW)
  • 6′ x 14′ KYSON 614 (up to 15 kW)
  • 6′ x 20′ KYSON 620 (up to 15 kW)
  • 6′ x 26′ KYSON 626 (up to 15 kW)
  • 8′ x 20′ KYSON 820 (up to 15 kW)
  • 8′ x 26′ KYSON 826 (up to 20 kW)
  • 8′ x 60′ KYSON 860 (up to 20 kW)
  • 10′ x 60′ KYSON 1060 (up to 20 kW)

The RMT Fiber Laser Advantage Over CO2

When stacked up against any CO2 laser system, a KYSON from RMT is the clear winner in terms of efficiency and ease. All the headaches of a CO2 aren’t even a factor with an RMT fiber laser, including the issues of:

RMT KYSON Rebel Fiber Laser
RMT KYSON Rebel Fiber Laser
  • Anodes
  • Beam divergence
  • Cathodes
  • Glassware
  • Laser light source lasing gases
  • Loss of power over time
  • Mirrors
  • Turbines and fans
  • Vacuum pumps

The laser wavelength of an RMT KYSON fiber laser is one-tenth that of a CO2 laser and is transmitted through a contained fiber optic cable, while a CO2 laser uses mirrors that can easily become misaligned. The KYSON’s laser light source has a life expectancy of more than three times that of any equivalent CO2 laser and RMT’s machines offer higher cutting speeds while using very few consumables.

The RMT Advantage Over Other Fiber Lasers

Manufactured by people who use their own machines, the KYSON line of fiber lasers from RMT provide a competitive edge to any shop wanting to start or expand their laser cutting operations.

Benefits of the RMT KYSON fiber laser include:

RMT KYSON 510 Fiber Laser
RMT KYSON 510 Fiber Laser
  • YLS Series high power CW ytterbium-based fiber laser cutting system.
  • Precitec ProCutter laser cutting head with distance measurement and high-quality optics.
  • A nozzle cleaner, to help improve the nozzle life and keep cuts consistent for longer.
  • A Wittenstein high precision helical gear rack and pinion drive system engineered and built in Germany. Designed to eliminate any noticeable backlash variance, the system utilizes precision planetary and servo-worm reducers and features a precision ground and hardened rack.
  • A robust frame construction that has been reinforced and stress-relieved to minimize twists and deformation during cutting operations for less vibration and better accuracy.
  • Dual interchangeable tables that allow for faster loading and unloading of blanks and parts, reducing machine downtime.
  • A smart slag collection system with chip conveyor constructed of hard steel and located under the workspace to remove slag and small parts during the cutting process.
  • A dust-collection function that operates automatically during processing, removing both dust and fumes from the shop environment.
  • World-class components, easily replaceable from local distributors. RMT never leaves its customers at its mercy as a source for parts, as so many manufacturers do.
  • Support—including user manuals—in English.

Other standard features of RMT KYSON fiber lasers include:

  • Auto reflection warning
  • Auto-calibrated nozzle system
  • Auto-changing dual pallet system
  • Auxiliary gas pressure NC function
  • Auxiliary gas selector
  • CAD/CAM system with Radan or Lantek
  • Ceramic nozzle adapters (3)
  • Control panel that is ergonomic and height adjustable
  • Cutting gas option, allowing operation with N2, O2, or shop air
  • Fiber beam transmission system (fiber optic cable)
  • Home position alignment system
  • IPG chiller
  • IPG light source
  • Light safety barrier
  • Lower protective lenses (3)
  • Nozzles for 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm (5 of each)
  • Working lights

CNC Designed with the Operator in Mind

With a CNC unit from Beckhoff, all RMT plate cutting fiber lasers give operators the kind of control they need for the most demanding laser cutting jobs. Features of the Beckhoff CNC include:

  • Check part feature that examines cutting quality and parameters.
  • Error recording to document all warnings and errors.
  • Feed rate changing while the cutting operation is in process.
  • Input through alphanumeric keyboard, PLC keys on the sides, touch screen keyboard, and/or USB ports.
  • Job list that allows the laser to continue automatically to the next program, even with different material types and thicknesses.
  • Manual remnant function for removing the cut part from the scrap plate.
  • Metric option, allowing the control to be switched from imperial (inch and foot) to metric.
  • Multilingual control, standard with English, Russian, Italian, Spanish, and Polish, with other languages available upon request.
  • Parameter changing while the cutting operation is running.
  • Piercing assist to blow away particles during piercing with a controlled airflow.
  • Real-time graphics that allow the operator to monitor the cutting process graphically in real time.
  • Test run function that simulates axis movement without actual cutting.
  • Warning messages that display to alert the operator to any failures or problems, whether with a component or in the programming.
  • Window-based operating system for easier data sharing.
  • Work reports detailing the cutting process that can be saved as PDFs.

Options to Please the Most Meticulous Metal Cutters

Along with custom table sizes and upgradeable power sources, Revolution Machine Tools offers plenty of other bells and whistles that can be added to the already generous features of their plate cutting fiber lasers, including:

  • Air conditioner for electrical panel
  • Automatic cutting heads with beam changing features, zoom, etc.
  • Automatic nozzle changer
  • Automation and storage systems
  • Ball transfer systems for table loading
  • CAD/CAM software such as Sigma Nest, Metalix, Almacam, and many others
  • Dust collection units
  • High pressure shop air systems
  • LCM (laser cut monitor) sensor for pierce detection and cut loss control
  • Mezzanine systems for better space utilization
  • Nitrogen generator systems
  • Pipe and profile cutting
  • Sheet loading and unloading systems

Never on Your Own

As revolutionary as the KYSON plate cutting fiber lasers are, there’s one great advantage that can’t be seen with even the most thorough examination of the machine—the backing and support of RMT itself. With Revolution Machine Tools, a customer is never abandoned after the sale, but becomes a valued partner and friend in the months and years that follow. RMT stands by both their machines and their customers, ready to assist in whatever way they are needed. This dedication to the end user sets RMT apart in a field of sellers only too anxious to make a quick buck at someone else’s expense.

With experienced machinery sales consultants, factory-trained in-house service techs, and expert parts and tooling specialists, RMT offers their customers the ultimate experience in metalworking machine acquisition, maintenance, and supplies. Please give them a call today for a very competitive quote on your ideal plate cutting fiber laser.



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