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Literal Cutting-Edge Technology

All machines offered by Revolution Machine Tools feature precision engineering and design innovations unmatched by the competition. This is especially so with the RMT shears, which are built to very stringent specifications using state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques. Any fabricator who is serious about cutting metal really owes it to himself to learn about the RMT shear advantage.

Different Shears for Different Needs

The old cliché, “one size fits all,” seems to be the messaging some manufacturers are sending to their potential buyers with their rather meager metal fabrication offerings. Revolution Machine Tools, on the other hand, knows that every fabricator is different. Each takes on certain types of jobs based on many different factors, from experience to size of facility and staff. RMT understands that it’s important to provide a wide range of shears in different sizes and capacities, but also in different styles of machine to match their customers’ most exacting needs.

RMT’s line of shears is available in three separate series to accommodate different requirements and budgets, each with their own distinct advantages:

  • RMT’s C-FAB SERIES of affordable mechanical direct drive shears are available in 3’6″ to 10’1″ cutting lengths. All models have a cutting capacity of 12 gauge or above in mild steel, with the shortest ones able to cut up to 1/4″ thick material. They offer a fast, smooth cut thanks to their direct drive system and feature NC touchscreen controllers.
  • RMT’s C-SMART SERIES of hydraulic swing beam shears are available in 10′ to 12′ cutting lengths and, depending on the model, can cut mild steel up to 3/4″ thick. Ideal for fabricators just getting started with hydraulic shears, these strong cutting machines are popular with seasoned metalworkers as well.
  • RMT’s C-GENIUS SERIES of hydraulic CNC variable rake shears are available in 10’2″, 12’2″, and 20′ cutting lengths, with models available to cut everything from 1/4″ up to 1″ thick mild steel. Like their name implies, these are intelligent, high-tech machines that provide the best in speed, precision, and repeatability in CNC shearing.

Standard Equipment That’s a Cut Above the Rest

Certain shear manufacturers seem to almost try to make their wares as flimsy as they can get away with, and often exclude features from base models that today’s fabricators would expect as standard equipment. Not so with Revolution Machine Tools, where every facet of every shear stands as a testament to their dedication to excellence.

RMT builds its shears for longevity, innovating some of the best shear engineering in the industry for a rigid construction of high-yield steel. These shears are solid, made to take years of heavy use.

RMT supplies high carbon/high chrome D2 cutting blades with their shears. These tough, wear-resistant alloyed blades are suitable for cutting steel, stainless, galvanized, aluminum, brass, and copper. The top blades have two cutting edges, while the bottom blades have four.

RMT uses world-class components in the construction of their machines from the ground up. Designed with the end-user in mind, all electrical and hydraulic components are replaceable off-the-shelf at local supply houses around the world.

All RMT shears are equipped with safety features to keep their operators protected during use. Easily reachable emergency-stop buttons, finger guards, and florescent lighting shadow lines are included, and the C-SMART and C-GENIUS series also feature side throat guards.

RMT shear worktables include filler plates, ball transfers, and hand slots. All machines include ball screw spindle-driven power back gauges with 0.004″ precision. All RMT shears have digital stroke counters and either a CNC control or digital readout controls for their back gauges. 40″ front support arms and 40″ squaring arms with scales, T-slots, and flip-stops are standard equipment with every RMT shear.

Options for Every Consideration

It’s doubtful any modern metal shear builders would include in their marketing the phrase, “What you see is what you get,” but they sometimes act like it. Revolution Machine Tools, in contrast, offers optional bells and whistles to satisfy even the pickiest metalworking shop owner.

Need rear safety guarding? RMT can supply that. Prefer pneumatic rear support systems to handle highly flexible thin sheets? Revolution Machine Tools has you covered. If you need T-slotted front support arms (or longer front arms), RMT offers those as optional add-ons with every shear. From hold-down pads to angle gauges, RMT will come through for you.

If you are shear shopping, be sure to check with an RMT machine consultant. You are likely to be pleasantly surprised by what options are regularly available to you, not to mention what customizations can be created just for your specific need. RMT will even build entire machines to your custom size and specifications.

Support You Can Count On

For all the extra effort that’s put into creating and assembling the components of each RMT shear, there’s one advantage no other manufacturer or dealer can offer—RMT’s personal commitment to every individual customer. Need your new shear installed? RMT is already planning to help you with that. Your employees don’t know how to operate a shear? They will be experts before the sales and service staff have left your facility. Whether you have a question in a year or two, or need a replacement part as soon as possible, Revolution Machine Tool’s dedicated team is on the job, ready to help.

For sheerly the best in a shear-buying experience, please call Revolution Machine Tools today and see for yourself what the RMT advantage is really all about.



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