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As we mentioned when we Unveiled the KYSON, when it comes to mild, stainless, and galvanized steel, our fiber lasers are more than twice as fast as any CO2 laser on the market, and at only one-third the operation cost. But what about other metals?

Let’s consider aluminum. At thicknesses of .125″ and below, a 4kW RMT KYSON fiber laser will cut ~331 inches per minute. Now compare this to a 4kW CO2 laser which cuts only ~120 inches per minute and the gap between fiber and gas widens even more. For aluminum, our fiber lasers are more than five times as fast as gas, and again at only one-third the operation cost. But what about copper or brass?

Once again, our fiber lasers win. Hands down. But this time, it’s not a question of speed or efficiency. It’s a matter of apples and oranges. CO2 lasers simply can’t cut copper and brass. The reflectivity of these metals is just too high, and trying to cut these metals with a CO2 laser is suicide. The lens will be destroyed, the machine will be damaged, and the metal will remain uncut.

If you’re only cutting steel and speed and efficiency aren’t important to you, by all means, go with a CO2 laser. But if you want efficiency and flexibility, you really can’t beat an RMT fiber laser.



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