RMT Angle Rolls

A Machine Every Fab Shop Can Use

Profiles rolls—very frequently called angle rolls because of the primary profile they roll, namely angle iron—are a standard feature in most fabrication shops. This is especially true of those shops that specialize in the manufacture of handrails, metal window frames, exhaust pipes, motorcycle components and ornamental iron work such as gates.

Revolution Machine Tools, a leader in the production of exceptional quality press brakes, plate rolls and other high-end metal fabrication equipment, naturally offers angle rolls build to the same rigorous standards as their other machines.

A Roll for Every Project, Size and Budget

Like most RMT lines, the profile rolls produced by Revolution Machine Tools are available in different machine series in order to meet the most exacting needs of today’s fabricators, large and small.

  • A-ECO SERIES. Perfect for small shops and hobbyists alike, this economy line of motorized angle rolls offers top shaft diameters of 1.18″ to 2.36″ and up to 3″ capacity in bending Schedule 40 pipe.
  • A-FAB SERIES. These hydraulic profile rolls are designed with the heavy demands of most fab shops in mind. They are available in a wide range of sizes, featuring top shaft diameters between 1.57″ and 7.08″, with Schedule 40 pipe capacities up to 8″ in diameter.
  • A-GIANT SERIES. When serious metal bending is needed on an industrial scale, fabrication plants know to call RMT. This series of hydraulic angle rolls have top shafts with diameters between 9.44″ and 14.17″ and capacities up to 16″ diameter Schedule 40 pipe.
  • AB-4 CNC ANGLE ROLL. Ideal for high volume roll bending or multi-radius parts, RMT’s CNC machine features direct radius input to provide users with the highest precision, repeatability and speed available in the industry.

In a Nutshell: The Benefits of RMT Angle Rolls

AB-4 CNC Angle Roll
AB-4 CNC Angle Roll

The features found on profile rolls from Revolution Machine Tools could fill a catalog—and they do! To be a little more concise, however, here is a brief rundown of several key items someone can expect if they purchase a roll from RMT:

  • Bending Accuracy and Efficiency. The engineers in RMT’s Research and Development facilities have invested years into developing and improving every piece of equipment to ensure they always feature the very finest in state-of-the-art technologies. RMT’s angle rolls are no different, having been designed to provide unequaled accuracy, precision and efficiency in every bend, even with highly demanding structural steel profiles like I-beams and H-beams. The inner components are heat treated and induction hardened to provide long life and consistent repeatability in part forming.
  • Controls | All RMT angle rolls feature the very best in controls, whether they are digital read-outs, NC or CNC systems, and they sport portable control units so operators can position themselves for the best vantage point when performing the operation.
  • Drive System | The high torque drive system on RMT angle rolls allow parts to be bent in fewer steps. None of the rolls are passive on an RMT machine—all three rolls are driven by independent hydraulic motors and a precision gear box.
  • Dual Operation | Most RMT profile rolls are designed to operate in either vertical (rolls pointing forward) or horizontal (rolls pointing up) positions, for optimal part allowance and handling.
  • Frame Construction | The high standard of RMT’s components starts at the very foundation of their angle rolls—robust frames that are so well-constructed that RMT offers a 10-year warranty standard with every machine. These industrial-strength frames are heads-and-shoulders above standard profile roll frames for several reasons:
    1. Frames are constructed from mill-certified, high-yield steel.
    2. All parts of the frame are machined on a 5-axis CNC machining center using a single reference point to maintain perfect parallelism of all surfaces and axes.
    3. Frames are precision welded and are strengthened to minimize twists and deformation.
    4. Frames are further strengthened using steel bars to complete the chassis.
    5. When the frame is complete, all welds on the frame, chassis and steel bar connections are stress relieved to provide additional durability.
  • Hydraulic Brakes | The strong braking system reduces safety concerns by not allowing the part to slip back, especially during critical pre-bending operations.
  • Planetary Geometry | The side rolls on the A-FAB and A-GIANT series are guided by swing beds, allowing them to move in two independent axes in an arcing movement around a center point for greater control and accuracy. This is known as a “planetary” path, as opposed to a rectilinear movement (or straight line). This design allows the user to bend a workpiece to as little as 1.1 times the top roll diameter of the machine.
  • Quality Components | By constructing angle rolls—and all lines of machines—with high quality, non-proprietary OEM components, RMT makes it convenient for users to find replacement parts off the shelf at suppliers around the world.

Universal Dies

One case in point for the RMT angle roll advantage is the high-quality, diverse universal die set that comes standard with every machine.

Not long ago, a machine tool dealer in the U.S. brought in a new line of angle rolls from overseas. They were from a manufacturer that they had dealt with before, so they assumed there would be no problems with the new rolls. Before sending the first one out to the customer, management decided to shoot a demo video of it rolling a piece of angle iron.

The shop manager, who had extensive experience with other makes, tried to configure the rolls every which way he could think of, but nothing seemed to work. Finally, it was noticed on a chart bolted to the side of the machine that in order for this angle roll to actually roll angle iron, they would need to buy optional tooling.

Even the best angle roll on the market is only as good as its tooling, and top manufacturers like Revolution Machine Tools supply universal dies with every model that can handle most of the typical profiles.

A-FAB 472 NC Angle Roll
A-FAB 472 NC Angle Roll

Regardless of the series—A-ECO, A-FAB, A-GIANT or the AB-4 CNC roll—all RMT angle rolls have universal dies that can roll:

  • Solid squares
  • Solid rectangles
  • Flats, along the edge (the hard way)
  • T-sections, whether leg-out, leg-in or leg-down

Although special tooling is also available—and recommended—for each, all models in all series can also roll the following profiles to some degree with standard tooling:

  • Angle iron, leg-out
  • Angle iron, leg-in
  • Tubing, square
  • Tubing, rectangle
  • Solid rounds
  • C-section, leg-out
  • C-section, leg-in

Larger models can also roll C-section the hard way, though it requires special tooling in most cases.

Special tooling is available for all models to roll round tubing and Schedule 40 pipe, and certain larger models have special tooling available for rolling:

  • I-section, the easy way
  • I-section, the hard way
  • H-section, the easy way
  • H-section, the hard way

In addition, should a user need custom tooling, RMT is ready to assist. Their CNC machine shop can build any tooling needed for a customer’s RMT angle roll—or for any other brand of roll bending machine for that matter—and will do so with a rapid turn-around time.

Revolution Machine Tools doesn’t scrimp on quality any more than it does on quantity when it comes to its angle roll dies. Most companies view dies as a consumable, and as such produce relatively cheap ones that aren’t always strong enough to maintain their form when rolling high yield metals. RMT, on the other hand, understands that the dies are one of the most critical components of their angle rolls and they build them to last, machining them out of high-tensile forged steel on high-precision CNC lathes.

A Name You Can Trust

When you are looking for the best angle on buying profile rolls, choose the company that won’t give you the shaft—Revolution Machine Tools. Not only do their machines feature the highest standards of engineering in the industry, but their people are second to none.

From the professional sales advisors who will assist you through every step of your evaluation and purchase to the factory-trained service technicians who are on call to keep you up and running—not to mention the fully stocked parts and tooling department—RMT will stand by you and your new angle roll for years to come.



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