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Metal-Cutting Machines for Fabricators at Any Level

Like most lines of machines produced by Revolution Machine Tools, RMT shears for metal-cutting are available in not just different capacities of length and thickness, but are also grouped in different machine series, depending on the specific needs of different fabricators.

  • The RMT C-FAB series are mechanical direct drive shears.
  • The RMT C-SMART series are hydraulic swing beam shears.
  • The RMT C-GENIUS series are hydraulic CNC variable rake shears.

Standard Features of All RMT Shears

All RMT shears are constructed with high-quality, world-class components and include all the standard features that veteran shear operators would expect from a machine from Revolution Machine Tools, such as:

  • Shear blades that are made from tough, wear-resistant alloyed material.
  • Top blades with two cutting edges and bottom blades with four cutting edges.
  • Digital stroke counters.
  • Foot pedal controls for single and repetitive cutting cycles.
  • Worktables with filler plates, ball transfers and hand slots.
  • 40″ front support arms.
  • 40″ squaring arms with scales, T-slots, and flip-stops.
  • Power back gauges with ball screw spindles to 0.004″ precision (40″ lengths on C-SMART and C-GENIUS machines, 30″ on the C-FAB series).
  • Digital readout controls for the back gauges on the non-CNC C-FAB and C-SMART series.
  • Emergency stop buttons.
  • Shadow line functionality with fluorescent lighting.
  • Finger guards. (C-SMART and C-GENIUS also feature side throat guards.)

Why Buy a C-FAB Series Shear?

For the fabricator on a budget, the C-FAB series from RMT offers high-performance mechanical shears with excellent safety features. Their rigid construction and ergonomic designs give these high-speed metal cutters greater longevity. The direct drive of the C-FAB machines provides a smooth cut with high cutting sensitivity. RMT’s C-FAB shears are just right for cutting mild steel up to 1/4″ thick and up to 12′ in length.

RMT C-FAB 12M14 NC Shears
RMT C-FAB 12M14 NC Shears

Why Buy a C-SMART Series Shear?

The metalworker wanting to move from a mechanical to a hydraulic shear will find a good solution with Revolution Machine Tools’ C-SMART series of swing beam shears. Sporting a superior design and constructed of high yield steel, these machines deliver fantastic cuts with amazing repeatability, regardless of material thickness. RMT’s C-SMART shears meet the highest standards of strength, productivity, sensitivity, and safety, providing a level of efficiency that will lower the production costs of any shop. They are ideal for cutting mild steel up to 3/4″ thick and up to 13′ in length.

C SMART A 10 250
C-SMART A 10-250 Shears

Why Buy a C-GENIUS Series Shear?

C-GENIUS HD 10-625-1 RMT Shears
C-GENIUS HD 10-625-1 RMT Shears

The fabricator seeking the cream-of-the-crop in hydraulic CNC metal shears need look no further than the C-GENIUS series. These variable rake machines incorporate literal cutting-edge developments to be able to offer the very best in metal plate slicing technology available in the industry. The fast and accurate C-GENIUS shears take functionality to the highest level, with their user-friendly controls and features like hydraulic angle setting and blade gap control. Offering outstanding repeatability, RMT’s C-GENIUS shears are perfect for cutting mild steel up to 1″ thick and up to 20′ in length.

Optional Shear Features Available from RMT

While all the standard features by themselves are impressive, keep in mind that options abound on machines from Revolution Machines Tools. The following are some of the options that are available in each shear series:

  • Pneumatic rear support systems for thin sheets.
  • Longer squaring arms and front arms.
  • Front support arms that are T-slotted and include a scale and a flip-stop.
  • Angle gauges.
  • 40″ lift-up front finger guards with electrically interlocked safety switches.
  • Hold-down pads.
  • Rear safety guarding.
  • RMT shears can also be certified to conform to CE norms for use in Europe.

Options available on the C-FAB shears include front and rear return sheet support systems; a power blade gap adjustment with digital readout control; and a longer (or shorter) back gauge.

Options available on C-SMART shears include a power blade gap adjustment with digital readout control; a worktime counter; longer squaring arms and front arms; and a deeper throat gap.

Some of the many options available for C-GENIUS shears include a choice of CNC control units; servo-driven back gauge movement; automatic “swing-up” back gauge mechanism for shearing longer pieces than the maximum back gauge length; an anti-twist system; front and rear sheet conveyor and stacking systems; a deeper throat gap; and oil cooling or heating equipment.

Make the Right Cut with a Shear from RMT

Whatever your metal sheet or plate cutting requirements, check out the C-FAB, C-SMART and C-GENIUS series shears from Revolution Machine Tools to find the perfect machine for your next project or ongoing needs. (In the rare chance that you can’t discover an exact match, remember that RMT will also custom build equipment to a fabricator’s specifications.)

Consult a machine specialist at RMT and see what they have to offer in other metal-cutting options such as band saws and fiber lasers, too—they may have an even better solution for your upcoming jobs. Give them a call today and make Revolution Machine Tools your partner in a more successful and profitable tomorrow.



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