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The Tradition Continues

The annual Fabtech show is coming up September 13-16 in Chicago. If you are going to the show, or just happen to be in the area around then, please be sure to stop by booth number A2988 and catch up with the latest from RMT—Revolution Machine Tools—a premier metal fabrication equipment and machine tool company.

While the annual tradeshow alternates between venues in different states, Fabtech always returns home to McCormick Place in Chicago every two years, where they are once again holding it in 2021. Admission to the show floor at Fabtech is complimentary for those that register by September 9, 2021, but it increases to $50 thereafter.

RMT’s founder, Kyle Jorgenson, has been a regular fixture at Fabtech shows for the last two decades. Originally going as an attendee representing his father’s industrial equipment company, Kyle decided one year to book a modest booth at the expo and showcase a large plate roll and angle roll, along with a couple of smaller machine tools. The experience went so well that he and his team returned year after year, with their exhibits growing, and the company securing better and better prime tradeshow real estate.

Kyle eventually branched out to start his own company, Revolution Machine Tools, where he could have machines engineered and built to his exacting specifications, incorporating the finest and most up-to-date technology and manufacturing techniques available in the industry. With the new company, it was only natural to choose Fabtech once again as a platform to display and demonstrate RMT’s wares to a national—and often international—audience.

Machines on Parade

Booth number A2988, Revolution Machine Tools’ location this year, is in Hall A of the South Building, straight down a main aisle from the Grand Concourse along with the rest of the industry giants in the fields of forming and fabricating.

The lineup of cutting-edge fabrication equipment that RMT will be showcasing this year includes the following:

  • The RMT H-SMART HSA550 Hydraulic Press is a massive single-action press that can be used to bend, shape, hole punch, cut, and straighten, all with a change of dies. While available in models ranging from 110-ton to a whopping 5500-ton capacity, the show model has a 550-ton capacity and features a 47″ x 59″ table, 48″ daylight, 40″ stroke, 8″ open height, a 40 hp motor, and a high-precision machined frame. (Note: RMT custom builds these machines so any open height, bed size, or stroke is readily available upon a customer’s request.)
  • Not forgetting the smaller fabricators, an RMT H-FAB H Press will be on display as well. These H-Frame presses are in high demand in maintenance and repair shops where they excel in small bending, punching, straightening, and extraction/removal jobs. The H-FAB H Series presses are available in models ranging from 65 to a hefty 550-ton capacity.
  • What’s a fabrication show without a press brake? Revolution Machine Tools is bringing along an RMT B-GENIUS-H 08-110 Press Brake, a hybrid brake which provides accurate bends even on the tiniest of parts. While this is their most “basic” hybrid machine, there is nothing ordinary about this high-tech wonder. With 110-tons of bending power across an 8’6″ bending length (7’3″ between the frames), this energy-efficient engineering marvel really delivers for medium range fabrication needs. Models are available up to 300-ton capacities and 13′ bending lengths, with up to 14—or more—axes of CNC control.
  • What if you could thread, groove, bevel, bore, and face a pipe of virtually any length with a compact machine? Impossible, you say? How about if the “lathe” in question held the workpiece rigid while the tooling spun around it? No, this isn’t some drug-induced “pipe dream,” nor a prop from the latest science fiction TV show. It’s the RMT Pipe Spool Master TGB14 CNC, and it will be on display in booth A2988 at Fabtech!
  • A brand-new RMT A-FAB 551 Horizontal/Vertical Profile Angle Roll will be taking up a spot in the booth to present all its fantastic standard features. With an angle iron capacity of 5″ x 5″ x 1/2 ” rolled to a 52″ diameter, the A-FAB 551 has dual speed rotation, hardened and ground shafts made of high tensile special steel, 3-axis hydraulic lateral guide rolls on both sides, and can operate on the shop floor in either a horizontal or vertical configuration. It includes a set of universal tooling.
  • The RMT S-SMART PM 13-15 Bandsaw is a fully automatic bandsaw with the ability to cut solid and pipe type materials both straight and on an angle. With a 13″ cutting capacity in round and square stock up to 45° (15″ x 13″ rectangles up to 30°), this NC machine fits the bill perfectly for many shops.
  • The fully automatic RMT S-GENIUS CS 16-16 Bandsaw is designed to use carbide and bimetal blades and is ideal in such demanding environments as steel production, forging mills, machine manufacturing, and the automotive industry. It has a 16.5″ cutting capacity and a CNC touchscreen control system for highly efficient cutting.

A Legacy of Excellence

Kyle Jorgenson has been selling machine tools and fabrication equipment since he was a young boy helping his dad around the family business. One day, while taking a customer to see his father, Roger Jorgenson, eight-year-old Kyle learned that he was there to look at a piece of equipment. Young Kyle pointed out all the features of the machine in question, sharing everything he had learned from his dad about it. By the time they reached Roger, the customer was convinced and ready to buy.

Kyle continued to study the trade at the feet of Roger, learning not only about all types of machines, but also about the importance of relationships and customer service. Over the years, Kyle built his reputation on those very principles, fueling his rise to the industry leader that he is today. Kyle’s team of professionals at Revolution Machine Tools have designed the most innovative and precise metal crafting machines available in the North American market today, and support those machines with specialists in sales, service, parts, and tooling. Kyle Jorgenson and his staff at RMT have truly created a revolution in the field of metalworking machines.



At Revolution Machine Tools, it is our passion to help others succeed. We believe that manufacturing is the backbone of our economy and that by providing the best solutions to make our customers successful is how we measure our own success.


In the words of the late (and fictional) Big Tom Callahan, "A Guarantee is only as good as the man who backs it up." We stand behind our machines and our customers are like partners. We work with you to make sure your machines run efficiently.


Our R&D team has designed some of the most innovative, strong, and precise machines on the market. Only quality materials are used to build our machines, and when you use the best materials and combine that with the best technology, you get the best machines.

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